Mary’s ‘yes’ opens the door to the ‘yes’ of Jesus: ‘I come to do your will’

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Today the Gospel tells us that at the end of this chain of ‘yeses’ is the beginning of another ‘yes’ which is starting to grow: the ‘yes’ of Mary. It is with this ‘yes’ that God not only watches how man is doing, He not only walks with his people, but becomes one of us and takes on our flesh. In fact Mary’s ‘yes’ opens the door to the ‘yes’ of Jesus: ‘I come to do your will’. And it is this ‘yes’ that goes with Jesus throughout his life, up to the Cross: ‘Father, remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done’. It is in Jesus Christ that, as Paul says to the Corinthians, there is this ‘yes’ of God: He is the ‘yes’.

It is a beautiful day to thank the Lord for teaching us this way of ‘yes’, but also for caring about our life. Indeed, “some of us”, he said, as he turned toward the priests attending the Mass, “are celebrating the 50th anniversary of priesthood: a beautiful day to think about the ‘yes’ of your life”. But all of us, every day, must say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and think about whether we always say the ‘yes’ or if we often hide ourselves, lowering our head, like Adam and Eve, to avoid saying ‘no’, pretending not to understand “what God is asking”.

Today is the celebration of the ‘yes’. Indeed, in Mary’s ‘yes’ there is the ‘yes’ of all of salvation history and there begins the ultimate ‘yes’ of man and of God: there God re-creates, as at the beginning, with a ‘yes’, God made the earth and man, that beautiful creation: with this ‘yes’ I come to do your will and more wonderfully he re-creates the world, he re-creates us all. It is God’s ‘yes’ that sanctifies us, that lets us go forth in Jesus Christ.

excerpt from Pope Francis’ Celebrate the Yes morning meditation

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