We Honor Her for Her Great “YES!”

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Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

“They whom God destined, He called.
They whom He called, He justified.
They whom He justified, He glorified.”
(Rom 8:30)

Our Blessed Virgin Mary was destined from the very beginning of time, to be the bearer of our salvation (Mt 1:23). She was called to be the Mother of the Son of God (Lk 1:31). Thus God justified her at conception to be worthy of her role, and He glorified her with a crown of 12 stars (Rev 12:1).

Her holy life inspires us to be a living link in her Rosary:
– a link of Faith to the weak of heart
– a link of Hope to the despairing
– a link of Charity to the helpless.

And accompanying Him to Calvary, she links us to the Cross of Jesus.

We honor her for her great YES!, enabling Jesus to be firstborn among many children of God (Rom 8:29). Today is Her birthday. Let our birthday gift to her be our own YES! to Brother Jesus and to His Gospel. Ave Maria! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA MARY!

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